Gift card

Gift Cards extension lets your customers buy gift cards on your store in a seamless and effective way! Gift Card helps you increase your sales rapidly.
  • Create unlimited Gift Cards and Gift Codes with different values
  • Send to friends online or offline with delivery options
  • Drap and drop to upload customer’s own photo
  • Download >300 Premium Eye-catching Gift card designs
  • Refund gift card whenever the order is cancelled

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Why choose us?

Lifetime support & update

30-day money back guarantee.

Magento certified developers

100% Open-source code

10% OFF when you buy 2 or more extensions



Why should you choose Gift Card extension for year-end sale season?

  • Over 90% of consumers purchase or receive gift cards every year
  • During the 2013 holiday season, 60% of consumers requested gift cards
  • Total gift card sales is projected to rise to $138 billion by the end of 2015

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Create unlimited gift codes with different values

This feature allows you to create unlimited Gift Cards and gift codes with different values. Customers can choose Gift Card values to purchase in a dropdown or fill in a certain amount from a given price range as you set up.

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The given value can be equal, lower or higher than the card’s real value which depends on your strategy. Choose a fantastic strategy that leads to significantly increase your revenue.

pricing options

Well- designed Gift Card templates

The very beautiful Gift Cards with smart designs will satisfy your customers. Customers can use existing templates or upload their own image to create a love Gift Cards.

gift card templates

Do your customers worry about the obscured images or unclear message? Don’t worry! With Magegiant fantastic Gift Card designs, the image will be displayed separately with the gift message and also gift code, therefore customer can sure that no any mistake on their cards.

Drag & drop to upload image used for Gift Card

Customers allowed to upload their own image with existing frames or not.

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Easy to create their own images by Drag and Drop technology.

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Gift messages

Gift card will be meaningless without Gift messages. Please dedicate best wishes to our loved ones.

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Preview gift cards before purchasing

Have meaningful experience with this outstanding feature. Preview exactly how their Gift Card looks like with full information in order to help customers can create a Gift Card as they want.

gift card preview

Gift Cards’ usage conditions

Store owners can use Gift Cards’ usage conditions as a tool to encourage customers buy more and more. For instance, in order to refer customers purchase at least 2 items you can set: “ This Gift Card can only be used when you buy 2 items and more ”

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Schedule to send Gift Cards online or offline

Your buyer can send Gift Cards to their friends via emails or post office. They able to set exact the time to delivery their Gift. Even they can buy the Gift Card for themselves.

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Refund Gift Card

This feature helps customers to get gift card back when order is refunded. At the same time setting up the products, store admin decides on the refund priority and whether the gift card or other values get refunded first if customer apply many gift card code in an order


Features For Shoppers:

  • Buyers buy Gift cards at different values
  • Buyers can buy Gift Cards at a lower price than their actual value
  • Buyers can write custom gift messages to be displayed on gift cards
  • Buyers can use exist Gift card templates or upload their own
  • Buyers can preview gift cards before purchasing
  • Three types of gift cards are available: Email, Print-out (send by Post Offices) and Combined
  • Buyers can chose delivery date to email gift cards
  • Buyers can view status of purchased gift cards (active / inactive) and know when they will be expired.
  • Buyers can manage theirs Gift cards code easily in the Gift Card list.
  • Shopper can use gift cards in the checkout
  • Shopper/Buyers can check Gift Card information anonymously.


Features For Merchants/Admins:

  • Three types of prices are available:
    • Fixed price (store admin can create as many gift cards with a fixed price as he needs)
    • Price range (buyer can chose gift card amount within the price range defined by store admin)
    • Dropdown with predefined prices
  • Admin can view all gift cards statistic, gift card history.
  • Admin can choose image to display on the gift card:
  • Admin can select Gift cards templates for gift certificate emails
  • Admin can custom logo on gift card.
  • Admin can preview/print all gift cards before they are applied.
  • Configure the quantity and codes of Gift Card products.
  • Configure Shopping Cart Conditions and Cart Item Conditions for gift cards.
  • Admin can import gift cards from csv file (coming soon).
  • Configure after or before tax.
  • Admin can set Gift card will be shown in Product page or shopping cart page.
  • Configuration to allow multiple people to use one gift code as configured.



  1. Life-time Support.
  2. Life-time Upgrade.
  3. 30 days guarantee money back.
  4. Fully compatible with one step checkout extensions
  5. Supports multiple stores.
  6. Supports multiple languages.
  7. Open source 100%.
  8. Easy to install and configure.
  9. User-friendly interface.


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Customer Reviews (48)

Best Gift Card everReview by Muhammad Ahsan
Wonderful extension for magento users, excellent contribution, thanks for this. Keep providing more like this. I would love to purchase. I worked a lot on these kind of extensions. Created by myself. For CE magento 1.9 But this will save lot of human efforts. Thanks
I should have known earlier!!!Review by Rama Krishna
It is so pity not to know your recommend earlier. The extension made my customers quite pleased with their presents and thanks to that, my profit is improved dramatically.
Well done!!!Review by jayet
You are the best at both creative products and give me the most enthusiastic support.
I’m so excited about that. Thanks to your support, my store is working very effectively now.
So pleased!Review by Thomas Itzigehl
Many outstanding functionalities and great support. This extension both support me so much in marketing program and save much customer’s shopping time.
It is the best solution.
Thumps up, Magegiant.

Easy and flexible to configure Review by SHAJI NAINAN
It is not difficult for any shoppers to run the Gift Card system. This is a great extension with coming to the helpful user guide. The support team is very quick & effective. Very easy to install & use.
Impressed gift card’s featuresReview by gabriele
The gift cards from Magegiant are not only applied for online checkout but also printed and used as offline vouchers, which is wonderful feature. I will plan to purchase it right now!
Worth it!Review by David
It is worth to pay for a perfect gift card extension and super fast reply to questions to the author. I’d love it and I decide the perfect choice for my store!
Thanks so much for the moduleReview by Alessandro Laurenza
Integrating online and offline gift card into combined gift card create the awesome product. My customers both order and extremely satisfy with it. All help my store more and more attractive. I am most grateful for that!!!
Excellent Magegiant serviceReview by mohit kumar
I’m so surprised at no-risk investment as your extension with 30 days money back and no monthly fees policy. In addition, the support and update for extension are forever. Appreciated!
Work great with my storeReview by ankur jain
The module is running very well without conflicts and it is always supported on time. I’m sure that there are so many loyal customers as me. Great extension and support!
Beautiful gift card templates!Review by Kalra
Not only I but my clients are so impressed on your multiple and beautiful gift card templates. I think you should make the theme more diversified
Good at that you are providing!
Best support Review by saurabh shah
Thanks for your support during the installation process. Now the system is running smoothly and especially, it is fully compatible with one step checkout extensions. Thank you, I really enjoyed the precious gift!
Best presents!!Review by Ralf Siepker
Apart from available images, my customers are pleased with uploading eye-catching personal pictures enclosing meaningful message to friends for own. They
Thanks Magegiant due to such awesome functionality for shoppers as me!
The best gift card for Magento storeReview by John Smith
Make me more confidence in the security of gift code and I’m very grateful for that. I believe that it is great for my customers to avoid copying. So great extension! I suggest this extension for all online stores.
Great extension with professional support!Review by Ethnic Wala
By my experiences, I think every online store need to equip great promotion tool as Gift card extension of Magegiant. I am very delightful to the results Gift Card extension brings and the best support for all time. How thoughtful!
Excellent solution for Magento storeReview by Parkes
Thanks Brian for giving me a great support when I have some difficulties in technique. Now it is working with my store very well.
My customers are really excited about the gift cards and the plugin I bring to them.
Very good!!
Helpful featuresReview by Eric
The outstanding features from your Gift Card solved many my store’s difficulties about connecting to customer’s wants and improving my business status. Let me say the best thank you to your efforts. Thanks again!!!
The best gift card everReview by Zhujun Xu
I have ever searched and try different Gift Card extension before but a variety of gift card and professional support from Magegiant make me really satisfied and I feel it is useful for my bookstore. Thank you for what you give me!
Helpful, awesome and creative!Review by ju gioria
Helpful, awesome and creative are what I spend for Magegiant extension trustly. I strongly suggest Gift Card product if someone want to use e-gift voucher in Magento store, specially in sale seasons. Wish you always provide more interests for store-owner like me!
Necessary extension for marketing campaignReview by Dawid Mochocki
Accidently, I had caught Gift Card extension from Magegiant for marketing campaign. Many outstanding benefits as scheduling to delivery gift card, using Gift Card during checkout process,... attracted more customers to my store. That is the reason for the increasing the profits up to 5% on occasion last year. Thanks a lot!

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